Baton Rouge is the capital city of the American state of Louisiana, and for visitors to the area, there is a number of fun things to do while there. In this article, we will discuss what these fun things are and how to spend your time in Baton Rouge.

1. Baton Rouge Zoo

One location that provides a ton of fun for visitors is the Baton Rouge Zoo. Just north of downtown, the zoo houses a number of exhibits such as the Otter Pond and Parrot Paradise. If you are traveling with children, you will be pleased to know that the Baton Rouge Zoo offers many programs out of the year in an effort to educate little ones, so definitely stop by when you are in the city.

2. Magnolia Mound Plantation

When you are in Louisiana, you don’t want to leave without having seen one of the plantations that the South is known for. In Baton Rouge, there is a plantation known as Magnolia Mound. This is a French Creole plantation home that was built in the year 1791, and one of the earliest buildings erected in the Baton Rouge area. When visiting the city, get a little dose of history and come see the Magnolia Mound Plantation.

3. Mall of Louisiana

One thing that a lot of travelers like to do while they are on vacation is shop. If this sounds like you, stop by the Mall of Louisiana while you are in Baton Rouge. Not only are there plenty of stores to browse, restaurants and eateries like Menchie’s and BJ’s Brewhouse are available for enjoyment.

In conclusion, there is much to do for those who plan on taking a trip to Lousiana’s state capital. Visit a zoo, a plantation, and a fantastic mall. You’ll have a wonderful time while making memories that only Louisiana can provide!