Located close to Atlanta, Vinings is a small community that is a beautiful place to visit. It may not have all of the glitz and glamour of the city of Atlanta proper, but it is close enough where you can also do many things there as well. There are places that you can go if you are an adult, and there are also places for kids. If you are traveling to Atlanta soon, you might want to head over to Vinings Georgia to see some of the local tourist attractions.

Where Is Vinings Located?

Regarded as a census designated location, once referred to as Crossroads, it is a place that has many different activities. The population is just about 10,000, and despite the low numbers, they have a large number of attractions that people that live there, and tourist, will be able to participate in. Breakout Games is also fun, plus you can go over to the Plum Orchard Mansion. There is also the Swan House. Let’s begin with a brewery that you ought to visit the first day that you get there.

Atlanta Brewing Company

If trying fine beer is something that you enjoy, you can’t go wrong with this particular business. They offer Belgian style wheat beer, Session IPA, and many other styles. If you haven’t been here before, you should consider bringing a friend so that you can try this out together. If you haven’t done this before, definitely consider checking this out in afternoon where they have a tour and tasting from one until four.

Project Escape Atlanta

This is a place that has many different games that you can play. They are very realistic. There is Exposure, Knights Quest, and one called virtual reality that many people enjoy. What is unique about this places that you are actually participating in an adventure that you are actually in. Very different from games that you play on the web. You are in the midst of something with many other people that are also enjoying these fun filled activities.

Some other places that you should go include the SunTrust Park which often has ball games, and also the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. There is also the Atlantic Avenue history Center and Mission: Escape Atlanta, all of which provide very fun activities. If you are traveling there for about a week, you will have plenty of time to do all of them. If you are traveling with friends and family, that’s even better. Find out why many visit Vinings and then come back years later. It’s a fun filled place right outside of Atlanta.